Monthly Archives: March 2014 was a blog that had a varied focus consisting of all things green and pink old fashioned and traditional plus items classed as Preppy. Preppy for people outside the USA is associated with attendees of Prep schools. The blog showed pictures of people considered to be a part of these genres or that provided entertainment for the reader. It also showed many different products that were preppy, green and pink. The blog was a lifestyle and features many different products from laptop cases to christmas tree decorations.

Long Distance

The cat is a fascinating animal and one that truly can amaze with its ability to find its way back to a home where they used to live. There are so many different tales of cats and their tales of endurance where families move house, some a few miles other hundreds and the cat goes with them only to set upon a mammoth mission to find its old house. Some of these stories take years to get to their climax and for the lucky cats they are reunited with their owners due to an old neighbour finding them. For the unlucky ones they are registered as anothe  lost cat. With so many list cats registered lost each year the chances are that many owners will be disappointed in the success rate of return, although with an increase in pet detectives the return rate of such lost pets is sure to increase

Maths and Mum

What does a maths workshop entail? Well as a recent attendee of a “maths workshop” what I discovered was not as I expected. I had been asked as a family member to attend a Saturday workshop at my nieces Primary School. As an accountant I had been nominated by my sister whose daughter I was supervising, basically,  because she had always disliked maths. In fact I believe she has always been scared of maths. It was a shame because it would have been a great experience for her as the type of activities were not sitting crunching numbers more hand on large puzzles that people were solving in groups. Their was a buzz in the air and people were having fun whilst participating in maths. Next time,  although I thoroughly enjoyed the day with my niece I shall make my sister go as she may surprise herself and her enthusiasm for maths workshops and the activities they provide.

Team Pink And Green

What do you need for a day of team challenges. Some people just throw the money at the wall and bring in a team building company. Others spend a little more time organising and a whole lot less money. So what do you actual really need. Some blindfolds are always a good start as there are so many different games to play with blindfolds that you can play in small and large groups. Of course if you are short for ideas you can always pick up one of the many team building books that are available. Such books will give many ideas about different activities that you can run. Ever good facilitator needs ropes for team building and a roll of barrier tape is always good for marking out exclusion zones. With a good imagination team challenge days can tickle you pink